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With its striking aesthetics, this furniture has been designed to be not only multi-functional, but also to add a stunning sculptural element to the contemporary home.

Finally, furniture that allows you to create personalised comfort, and create the ultimate hub for much deserved leisure-time.

  • “MIA” Motion, Inspiration, Action.
  • Furniture designed to enable a range a stiiting positions, for personalised comfort.
  • The two pieces form the basis for the various functions:- 1. A multi-position chair with base, 2. A low lying lounge with side table or stool. (Please see pics for reference)
  • The rubber in between lounge and base create stability and prevent friction damage.

The memory foam cushion is upholstered with commercial grade suede from the company Kvatrad of Denmark, and is available in a range of colours.

My inspiration for this furniture came while I was working with Stefan Heiliger in Frankfurt Germany, in his contemporary furniture design studio.

In my prototype I have used the cold press laminating process, where I have glued multiple sheets of veneer together, placed in a male and female mould and then put under pressure to shape/form the furniture under conditions where total compression as a cold press or in a hot press process.

Bent plywood is a material born of natural wood and formed by dynamic industrial processes that can adopt the most organic of shapes through bending, laminating, and molding. Plywood, the most modern design artefact, is bridging the gap between technology and nature.

However for future models I believe the hot press method will add additional strength, stability and increase the product longevity.

The Mia Chair was a finalist at The Edge – Sydney (Decoration + Design Fair) Design competition in 2013 and 2014.

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