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Overview / Modular Children Furniture 6eck

6eck - a honeycomb structured modern furniture with a versatile and adaptable function. It can be used as a stool, side table or a box to hide away your personal treasures.

6eck is sophisticated and innovative furniture, appealing to both kids and their parents. This creation offers a world of imagination that installs a sense of playfulness and flexibility.

This treasure chest inspired product is great for your children’s bedroom, lounge room, your hallway, bathroom or even in an office‘s waiting area. The design encourages and supports a teaching environment by simply assembling more than two in a group. 6eck facilitates spontaneous sitting arrangements and increases face-to-face, while assisting collective interaction and exchange.

6eck is an environmental friendly product. The base is built out of high quality birch ply. The soft furnishing is made from recycled plastic fibres called Eco-panel.

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