Toys of Wood

Sustainable products for a healthier living.
Environmentally-friendly, artician made, simplistic & outstanding quality!
Parents & Guardians

Our passion is to create toys that inspire a child’s imagination. Entertaining interaction, especially with wooden toys...

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Preschools & Daycare

We create toys that build critical lateral thinking and problem solving skills, helping to build fine motor skills...

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Stores & Shops

All our products are natural, multifunctional, made in Australia and provide you with a fresh and distinctive competitive edge...

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Interior Designers

If you are searching for that unique statement piece that adds that certain something to your design...

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Good evening!

Toys of Wood is a unique toy design business, based in Coffs Harbour on the Coffs Coast (NSW).

All our designs are individually hand-crafted with passion and are made with a focus on quality and fine detail.

We work and design under sustainable practices and all products meet Australian standards, are 100% recyclable, non-toxic and finished with child safe beeswax or grape seed oil (for vegan customers) made in Australia.

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